Trinity terrace

When the concept of the TRINITY Terrace was conceived, our designers had one main consideration: to comply with the variety of needs of both the couples, families and singles moving to the residential park. We consider it important to have a zone in the heart of our capital city attracting also families where we could find a place for nature. Our aim is to create a harmony between modern capital city atmosphere and a friendly green area. Upon the selection of the location we also took into account for all age groups to find leisure activities in the vicinity, providing recreation opportunities for them. Our intelligent residential park in the vicinity of nature provides the greatest luxury in the contemporary world to prospective inhabitants that only a home can provide: central remote control of the various systems functioning in the apartment by smart devices from basic functions to customized extras, facilitating cost savings resulting from energy efficiency. The smart home features allow you to control the cooling and heating of your apartment, the shutters to be raised and lowered, the operation of the alarm, and the opening of the garage door from anywhere. We wish to create customized housing solutions for the prospective owners of the apartments to be designed in five different styles to allow for the interior harmony of the homes to be created; and the external conditions of perfect tranquility will also be guaranteed: The residents of the TRINITY Terrace can relax on their terraces overlooking the green area or admire the panorama of the Danube. The ground floor of the condominium hosts a closed parking lot and the -1 level has a hall garage to guarantee security for cars. The customizable apartments designable according to special needs and taste will be delivered to our customers in turnkey condition, with built-in kitchen furniture and sanitary equipment.


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