Technical Information

Technical Information

Budapest, District XIII, Bodor utca 2-4. Condominium

Subject: Condominium building with 142 flats and the related parking spaces, storage rooms and business premises on the ground floor

Location: 1138 Budapest, Bodor u. 2-4. and 1138 Budapest, Jakab József u. 15.

Lot number: 25868/2

Developer: Dajuda Zrt., 1074 Budapest, Dohány u. 14.

Designer: Symbister tervező iroda, 1096 Budapest, Thaly Kálmán u. 10.

Data of the planned development:

- Zone: I-XIII-V

- Lot number: 25868/2

- Lot area: 3291 m2

- Number of floors: P+F + 7 + T

- Number of flats: 142

- Number of parking spaces: 142

The building was designed for a corner lot, in an unbroken row, with wings turning inside in a U-form, on the property line. Passengers can access it from two sides, from the directions of Jakab József Street and Esztergomi Street, whereas cars can have access to the underground parking space and deep garage is from Jakab József Street.

On level -1 and on the ground floor an underground parking space, business premises, as well as rooms of “common” functions (waste storage room, bicycle storage room, hall, reception, heating room) are located, whereas Floors I-VIII are to function as living spaces. 142 flats are designed in the building, including all types from 1-room flats to 5-room flats, with various sizes and layouts.

On the roof level a pool, a Jacuzzi, as well as a sunbathing and barbecuing terrace will be established, which are for common use under pre-determined conditions.

Services provided by the building:

A reception room is located at the side of the entrance from Jakab József Street, where 24-hour reception service can be operated.

A surveillance system with cameras will be established in the environment of the entrance gates and at the garage door.

The pool, Jacuzzi, as well as sunbathing and barbecuing terrace can be used by the joint owners according to the Organisational and Operational Rules.



Cellar walls are of reinforced concrete structure, with watertight insulation where required. The building is of monolith reinforced concrete pillar-frame structure, with reinforcing walls to fill the frame, the façade is partly made from reinforced concrete, and partly from frame filling walls with thermal insulation.

Floors are monolith reinforced concrete floors of big masses and with proper acoustic insulation, with 5 cm thick base concrete prepared above the impact sound insulation layer.

Clear height of flats: 2.70m (+/- deviation as allowed by the standard)


A central heating and hot water supply system is established in the building. Each consumption type of the flats (cold and hot water, heating, electricity) is measured by individual meters. Flats include floor heating with thermostats. In the bathrooms towel dryer radiators will be mounted. Cooling is provided by external units and (optional) internal units by flats. Internal units are not included in the purchase price. Bathrooms and toilets are mechanically ventilated, except for toilets with natural ventilation.


At each entrance 2-2, a total of 4 lifts will be established in the building, out of which 2 lifts are for furniture transport (for 13 persons), and 2 lifts for transporting persons only (for 8 persons).


Grey colour pasted stone covering is designed for the pillars of the ground floor arcade, for the ground floor street facade, and for floors VII and VIII, whereas on floors I-VI, as well as around the balconies hard finish and noble rendering are used alternately.


Façade windows and doors are made from plastic, with 3-layer glazing. Technical specifications: angular, clean lines, classical and elegant design, with 6 chambers without heat bridge, shockproof grey PVC, steel reinforcing, triple EPDM rubber sealing, ROTO (or equivalent) security hardware, gap ventilation function (one window per flat), protection against faulty operation, 3-layer (4-16Arg-4-16Arg-4) glass with thermal insulation , Ug=0.8 W/m2K Uw=1.1 W/m2K.


Frame filling walls are made from 30 cm thick frame ceramics, the walls to separate flats are made from 30 cm soundproof bricks, whereas internal partition walls are made from 10 cm thick partition wall panels.

Internal built partition walls receive 1-1.5 cm plastering on both sides.

Additional detailed description can be found in the Architectural Technical Description.


The Seller informs the Buyer the sizes according to the architectural ground plan mean the distances among the internal sides of the flat bordering walls without plastering, including the area of internal partition walls, excluding the pillars. Room sizes should be calculated from the wall axis.

Flat entrance door:

Flat entrance doors are security doors with multi-point locks and according to the MABISZ and fire protection regulations.

Windows and doors – Windows, internal and balcony doors

internal doors: standard full doors with decorative film, in colours as per request, in sizes according to the Architectural Plans, with subsequently fitted case, with hardware and handles in copper or chromate colour.

windows, balcony doors: with 6 chambers without heat bridge, shockproof grey PVC profile, steel reinforcing, triple EPDM rubber sealing, ROTO (or equivalent) security hardware, gap ventilation function (one per flat), protection against faulty operation, 3-layer (4-16Arg-4-16Arg-4) glass with thermal insulation , Ug=0.8 W/m2K Uw=1.1 W/m2K. The windows and balcony doors are equipped with shutters boxes that can be plastered to receive shutters (without shutters), and with electric preparation for motor-driven shutters.

Floor coverings

In bathrooms, toilets: ceramic coverings according to the Architectural Plans: up to gross HUF 4,000/m2 (the price should be considered without auxiliary materials), in several optional colours (the price excludes the bordure). In wet rooms coverings reach up to the height of the door cases.

Bedrooms, living rooms: laminated floor boards, with skirting boards in harmonising colours, with foam and vapour-tight film underlay, (in wear class 32) up to HUF 4,000/m2 (the price should be considered without auxiliary materials), in several optional colours.

In halls: laminated floor boards or ceramics depending on the design (As specified by Seller).

Balcony and terrace covering: anti-slip, anti-frost boards (non-optional).

Wall coverings

Glazed wall tiles in the following places:

In bathrooms and shower rooms, covered up to the height of the first full tile above the door opening.

In kitchens: ceramic covering in a 60 cm band between the upper and lower kitchen units, in several optional colours, up to gross HUF 4,000/m2.

In toilets: covering up to a height of 1,50m.

Surface finishing

Walls are with gypsum plastering then painted with dispersion paint in white or pastel colours (coloured walls are with additional charge) except for the covered places.

Fitted walls, false ceiling

Covering of the building engineering piping and equipment, the toilets with internal tanks and optional air-conditioning equipment is provided by means of fitted walls (false ceiling, false beam) as requested.

Wet rooms, sanitary installations

In bathrooms and separated toilets: Duravit or similar quality (as selected by Seller) white porcelain wash basin of other type (without syphon cover), (in separate toilets: hand basin) and lavatory basin, as well as acryl shower and tub, with chromed one-arm tap and stoppers are installed (shower cabin is not included in the technical content). The tub and shower are installed in the sizes specified in the plans, with tiled panel, and with chromate drain and overflow set.

Hand basin: it is only installed in separate toilets.

For the washing machine connection is established.

In bathrooms, toilets Grohe or similar quality chromes, one-arm basin and tub filling taps (selected by Seller) are installed. The tub tap also includes shower handset with fixed wall holder.

The lavatory basin is white porcelain, with deep flushing bowl, wall console, and built-in flushing box, in a two-button design for dual flushing.

Washing machine connection: with sewage connection and cold water supply option mounted into the wall, according to the layout in the bathroom, or in the room where it is specified on the layout.


The kitchen furniture includes upper and lower cupboard units in the size as indicated and planned on the Technical Plans. The front surface is made with ABS edge closing, the colour is optional. The water bar is in the same colour as the kitchen work board.

Single bowl, stainless steel sink, and one-arm tap is installed in the kitchen furniture.

A Whirlpool or similar type (selected by Seller) electric cooking panel with ceramic panel, oven, exhaust fan is a kitchen fixture (other machine, equipment is not delivered).

No gas supply or connection is established in the flats.

Washing machine connection: with water supply option through the combined valve of the kitchen sink, and with sewage disposal option through the combined syphon of the sink, at the place as specified by the plans.

If the Buyer does not request the kitchen furniture (which is only possible together with kitchen machines), the Seller can recognise this in an amount between HUF 200,000 and 500,000 (depending on the size of kitchen furniture as indicated on the plans).

Heating, Cooling

Central heating is provided with separate measuring of the amount of heat by flats, with floor heating and hidden building engineering pipes. Flat temperature can be regulated with the use of a thermostat.

Hot water is provided by a central gas boiler, hot water consumption is measured by separate meters by flats.

The Seller equips the living room in each flat with base piping for air-conditioning (1 piece per flat), connected to the drip water drain, with electric supply. Internal units are not included in the contract, and they can be ordered for additional charges. The external unit of central air-conditioning is provided by the Seller. If the Buyer requests additional base piping in other rooms, or additional internal units, the Buyer shall notify the Seller thereof until the specified deadline (for additional charges).

Heavy current network

Meters: consumption meters of the type accepted by ELMŰ are placed in the electric metering room, grouped by levels.

Power, establishment: the purchase price includes a power of 16+10+6A by flats. Subsequent extension/network development shall be the task of Buyer and its costs shall be borne by Buyer.

Electric switches, sockets: Legrand Valena or other (technically equivalent) type, white fittings, in the quantity as specified in the Electric Implementation Plans (optional in several colours for additional charges).

Electric connection with additional fittings: based on Seller’s proposal.

The electric fittings are placed according to the electric plan, which can be viewed within the frame of an electric consultation. Lamps are not fixtures of the flat, they are not included in the purchase price.

Light current systems

Cable television network (without installation and subscription) with 1 connector per room

Protection tubing for phone in each flat, with 1-1 connection in the living room and bedroom (without subscription and appliance)

IT connection: 1-1 utp connector per living room and bedroom

Entry phone system

Other options

Standard smart home system: high level and efficient operation of the flats is provided by a standard smart home system. This system includes remote control of integrated heating and cooling by mobile phone or other smart device, as well as remote programming option of opening and closing the garage door, as well as operating the alarm.


Buyers are allowed to request changes in the design of their own property part for additional charges (except for the parts in undivided joint ownership and other property parts), depending on Seller’s decision and it

cannot have an effect on the external appearance and structural system of the building;

cannot mean a lower quality of the property parts in either joint or own ownership regarding the technical parameters and appearance;

cannot mean a disadvantage either for other joint owners or for a third party;

cannot influence the schedule of project implementation, or the related contracts, agreements and rights.

Changes may be only implemented if Seller has approved them and Buyer has paid the extra costs.

Possible changes:

1. Selecting from the specified sample collection, from the products in the standard design or from the collection for additional costs, at the specified supplier.

2. Items that can be ordered separately (cooling, alarm system, shutters, etc.)

3. Changes in the interior design

1. Selecting from the specified collection:

Buyer can choose from the products in the standard design until the deadline specified by the Seller. After the expiry of deadline no change is possible, and the standard design as specified by the Seller will be implemented. The products that can be selected in the standard design are free of charge.

Products that can be selected from the sample collection (products in the standard design):

Internal windows and doors: doors

Material of ceramic coverings and footings

Laminated floor boards, skirting boards

Kitchen furniture (machine built in the kitchen furniture are not optional but they can be refused together with the kitchen furniture)

2. Products for additional charges that can be separately ordered from the suppliers specified by the developer:

The Buyer can choose and order from the products, sample collection or catalogue as specified by the Seller, and until the deadline given by the Seller, with the approval of Seller. Beyond the deadline, Buyer’s request for change will be disregarded by Seller, and the products in the standard design will be installed.

Products that can be ordered:

Internal windows and doors.

Laminated floor boards.

Ceramic and tile coverings whose size and appearance differ from the planned ones.

Electric fittings (sockets, switches, etc.).

Sanitary products (toilet, basin, tub, shower tray and cabin, taps).

Internal air-conditioning units (and piping)

Alarm system


Extra costs of the materials and fittings that can be separately ordered shall be paid by the Buyer. Suppliers are chosen by the Seller after tendering. Separately ordered materials are installed by the Seller in compliance with section “Terms and Conditions”. The installation of separately ordered materials or materials ordered form a different source can be rejected by the Seller (see Terms and Conditions).

3. Changes in interior design

Depending on the Seller’s decision and approval, the Buyer is allowed to change the presented layout, if it is technically feasible and for additional charges, until the deadline as specified by the Seller. Changes are implemented by the Seller as separately requested by the Buyer, if the requirements in the Terms and Conditions are met. Any request for changes submitted after the deadline will be disregarded by the Seller.


The Seller shall be notified of any request for changes before the start of the concerned work phase at the latest, until the time as specified by the Seller in writing (announcement).

The Seller provides one consultation to the Buyer free of charge, where the Buyer is informed on the feasibility of the Buyer’s requests for changes, and the deadline for finishing the procedure.

The Seller gives an offer for the change. If the offer is accepted, the parties shall not amend the final Sales Contract but additional work will be performed based on a separately signed order.

The Seller is not obliged to fulfil each request for changes. The Seller can reject to prepare an interior design if it is too complicated and it excessively differs from the plan, and to install too expensive materials, and/or materials that are of poor quality.


Laminated floor board

Ceramic floor covering

Kitchen furniture and machines built in the furniture (only together)


The Seller informs the Buyer that certain changes cannot be implemented even for additional costs due to the technical features of the building or construction works. Among others, the following cannot be requested:

changes affecting the façade or the common areas (balcony rails, balcony covering, external wall colour, division and colour of external windows and doors, etc.)

changes of the rooms involving the amendment of the building permit

entrance door (type, size, material, etc.)

changes affecting terrace or balcony covering or rails


The Seller informs the Buyer that the Buyer is allowed to enter the area of the property during the construction only at a pre-determined time point.

During the whole construction period, the Buyer is allowed to enter the site 2 times after the building is structurally complete, which shall be pre-agreed with the Seller. In the case of visits at time points that are not pre-agreed, the Seller or its responsible person may refuse to let the Buyer visit the site.

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